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Worlds Most Dangerous Sinkholes

Written by Kevin Jennings Sinkholes are a naturally occurring phenomenon normally resulting from underground erosion, at least they used to be. Thanks to drilling and...

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M22 Locust – The Allied Glider Tank of WW II

Written by Matthew Copes  These days Lockheed C5 Super Galaxies are capable of transporting two 70-ton (63,500 kg) M1 Abrams tanks nearly anywhere in the...

Modern World

How Will the UK and Commonwealth Change Its Money?

Written by Kevin Jennings Likenesses of a nation’s head of state have been appearing on money for about as long as government-issued currency has existed....

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4 of the Worst Aircraft in History

In many respects the world’s worst aircraft are like their infamous 4-wheeled counterparts on the previous “Biggest Flops in Automotive History” video.   Like Cadillac Cimmarons,...

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The Forgotten Yak Warbirds

Written by Matthew Copes  Officially founded in 1934 by legendary aircraft designer Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev, the roots of the famed bureau that ultimately bore Yakovlev’s...

The Flight 811 Disaster: The Plane that Fell Apart in the Sky

Written by Matthew Copes In late November of 1988, a massive Boeing 747-122 operated by United Airlines arrived in San Francisco for nearly a week’s...

Space Planes: The Past, Present, and Future

Written by Dave Page Long before the Wright brothers first achieved powered flight, humanity had developed an obsession with space. Literary examples of this go...

Strange Things Airlines Hide From Passengers

Written by Kevin Jennings While some people can go decades without ever getting on a plane, for others flying is a practically an everyday part...

Saab 37 Viggen: The Forgotten Fighter Jet

Written by Matthew Copes Imagine this… 1986 - somewhere over the Baltic Sea.  After making a 2,000+ mile per hour (3,200 km/h) reconnaissance run over Northern Europe...


The Most Unbelievable Things the CIA Has Done

Written by Jehron Baggaley Intro               Just as the dust was settling from the Second World War, tensions were already rising between the world’s emerging superpowers:...

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